How to Receive AMBER Alerts

How Do I Receive AMBER Alerts?

When signing up for AMBER Alerts you will receive geographically targeted information to help identify an abducted child, a suspected abductor or a vehicle suspected to be involved in an abduction.

Below is a list of ways you can receive AMBER Alerts and begin to help find missing children in your community.

To learn more about the AMBER Alert Program visit


Sign up to receive AMBER Alerts in your Facebook News Feed.

Visit and "Like" it to receive AMBER Alerts in your Facebook News Feed. Facebook also pushes AMBER Alerts to users near where the child went missing.


AMBER Alerts are part of the Google Public Alerts platform. You can also receive AMBER Alerts when you use Google Search and Google Maps.

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AMBER Alert iPhone App

Use your iPhone to view real-time active AMBER Alerts, missing children and instantly report sightings with this free AMBER Alert iPhone App from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.


Follow @AMBERAlert to receive rapid AMBER Alert notifications on your Twitter feed and share the alert with your followers.