Case Resources

NCMEC Case Resources

NCMEC is not an investigative agency, but we do provide a range of resources and services to help law enforcement bring home missing children and combat child sexual exploitation.

Analytical Resources

Case Analysis

The Case Analysis Unit at NCMEC is responsible for providing direct analytical support to law enforcement for missing and unidentified deceased child cases including:

  •  Developing intelligence information using donated public records databases, the National Crime Information Center, Nlets and the internet.
  •  Searching databases of attempted abductions and sex offenders within the region of critical missing child cases.
  •  Searching the NCMEC and NCIC databases for possible matches to an unidentified child.
  • Assisting in cold case reviews, possibly by locating family members for DNA submission.
  •  Providing large-scale aerial and topographic maps for grid searching purposes in critical missing child cases.
  •  Reviewing leads through NCMEC's Call Center to provide additional value and associate unrelated leads to a NCMEC case.


Child Victim Identification

The Child Victim Identification Program (CVIP) tracks previously identified child victims who appear in child sexual abuse images submitted to the CyberTipline. CVIP serves a clearinghouse role by analyzing statistical information concerning the dynamics of child pornography victimization and provide that research, analysis and data to key stakeholders, including Congress, courts, victims’ attorneys, prosecutors, and the internet industry.

Forensic Services

NCMEC offers forensic services to help law enforcement and families find long-term missing children and provides resources to help solve child abduction homicides. The Forensic Services Unit calls upon subject matter experts from a wide array of disciplines to help develop comprehensive investigative strategies, including the latest technologies, to ensure that all possible avenues have been considered. Forensic services NCMEC can offer include:

  • Biometrics: Working closely with NamUS, NCMEC can help identify unknown deceased children through the collection and analysis of biometric data.
  • Forensic Imaging: NCMEC disseminates the most accurate representations of children as they may look now by creating an age-progressed images of children in long term missing cases.

Sex Offender Tracking

The Sex Offender Tracking Team (SOTT) provides technical assistance in locating noncompliant sex offenders. SOTT analysts provide many types of assistance, including:

  • Conduct searches for noncompliant sex offenders through public record databases, online open-source sites, and other systems.
  • Provide comprehensive analytical reports to assist law enforcement efforts to locate noncompliant sex offenders.
  • Produce timelines of offenders’ histories including places of residence, employment and travel.
  • Examine data regarding attempted abductions, online child sexual exploitation, and child abductions for potential links with noncompliant sex offenders.


Onsite Support

Team Adam
Team Adam provides rapid, onsite assistance to law enforcement agencies and families in serious cases of missing children. Team Adam provide on-the-ground technical assistance and connect law enforcement to a national network of resources. Learn more

Project ALERT
Project ALERT works closely with the Forensic Services Unit to provide on-site support to law enforcement agencies with long term missing child cases. They assist law enforcement with case review, comprehensive analysis, search and rescue, biometrics collection and integration of all other available NCMEC resources to help find the missing child.

Media Assistance
We work with traditional media outlets and social media platforms to target specific geographic areas to help raise public awareness and find missing children. We assist law enforcement and families with media strategies and highlight anniversaries of long-term missing children.