Project ALERT

Project ALERT

Project ALERT® is a team of retired local, state and federal law enforcement professionals, located across the country, who donate their time and experience to the law enforcement community. Members are no longer sworn investigators, but they all share their abilities, knowledge and experience through the Project ALERT program.

Technical assistance in long term investigations

Project ALERT representatives provide technical assistance to law enforcement agencies regarding missing children investigations. They specialize in long term missing children cases and perform a wide range of functions including:

  • Case review.
  • Organization and analysis.
  • Recommendation of investigative strategies.
  • Coordination of meetings with law enforcement personnel to discuss additional resources.
Project ALERT representatives integrate NCMEC resources such as age progression, facial reconstruction, poster distribution, DNA protocol, search specialists and database searches into the investigations.
Biometric collection in missing and unidentified cases
Project ALERT representatives collect biometric and information about missing children and unidentified remains in an effort to help supply critical data to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, also known as NamUs , and National Crime Information Center databases.
Project ALERT helps law enforcement to access the most current forensic methods to help increase the likelihood of identifying missing children. Representatives meet directly with law enforcement investigators, coroners/medical examiners and family members to obtain critical descriptive information for NamUs and NCIC.
Outreach to law enforcement and the community
Project ALERT also provides outreach to law enforcement and the community by representing NCMEC at law enforcement conferences, providing law enforcement training and addressing community awareness initiatives.
Contact Project ALERT
This resource is available to assist law enforcement agencies in their efforts to resolve recent or long term missing child cases. For more information or to request Project ALERT assistance email
Become a Project ALERT representative
To be considered for the position of a Project ALERT representative download the application form below. For more information email

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