A Global Landscape of Hotlines Combating Child Sexual Abuse Material on the Internet and an Assessment of Shared Challenges

Conducted by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® and funded by Google.org, the Global Research Project was an examination of hotlines combating Internet facilitated Child Sexual Abuse Material. The online sexual exploitation of children is a global challenge and countries around the world are uniting in pursuit of a comprehensive plan to prevent and disrupt the online spread of CSAM. By conducting this research, NCMEC hopes to create a better understanding of the current global response to CSAM, the challenges hotlines encounter and most specifically, how community focused technology advances can increase hotline impact.



The Research

Fifty-two hotlines participated by completing an online survey and follow-up interview. Research questions focused on four central themes: each hotline’s legal, technical and operational frameworks and community challenges. Findings of this research have been synthesized into a Global Landscape – outlining the operational, legal and technological workings of organizations combating Internet-based CSAM; Shared Challenges – examining the leading pain points facing the community; and Looking Ahead – a forward-looking discussion of action items to address challenges underscored by this research.

Download a copy of the Global Research Project here.